Carbon Steel 6 Cylinder Turbo Manifold Kit

Carbon Steel 6 Cylinder Turbo Manifold Kit

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If you don't see a flange listed for your engine please email us as we are able to design one for you.

This kit is a selection of Schedule 10 (Sch 10) Steam Pipe, straight and 90 bends to be used in the creation of a turbo manifold.

This is special order sch 10 carbon steel pipe, typically this style is only available in sch 40, however sch 10 is easier to weld and creates lighter weight manifolds while still having more than enough strength and crack resistance.



Outside diameter: 42mm

Inside diameter: 36mm

Wall Thickness: 3mm

Kit includes:

3 x 500mm straight

20 x 90 Degree bends


Choice of engine side flange (extra $60)

Choice of turbo flange (extra $15)


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