Size 16 Pyrex Glass Gas Lens Cup Kit

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This kit set comes with;

  1. Size 16 Pyrex Gas Lens Cups
  2. 2.4mm Gas Lens Collet Body and 2.4mm Wedge Collet
  3. Double O-Ring Collet to Cup Adapter
  4. PTFE torch insulator suitable for #17 , #18  or #26 torch
  5. Spare Set of O-Rings
  6. Plastic Storage Container

These Pyrex cups offer unparalled visiblity, not only are you able to see the weld pool through the cup, but the clear cup allows the arc to light up the weld area to give even better visibility.

The size 16 cup is the best cup yet for welding titanium or stainless steel and makes it easy to achieve a clean weld, with zero contamination. Even when running a high tungsten stick out.

When using this cup we recommend 26-28mm of stick out and 18-20 LPM of argon gas flow rate.

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